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Special Socks need precious yarns solution. So we offer you wide range of yarns such as organic cotton, combed cotton, polyamide, merino wool, cashmere, bamboo etc.


With more than 21 years of knowledge and experience in socks manufacture, we provide socks production service to our valued customers by assigning a special customer representative.

Socks Design

We offer you the most trendy socks styles we have designed and you can choose any design you want from our collection.

We make designs suitable for the socks machine to speed up the production by using the current color charts and the 400 color options available in stock.


We design socks according to your special Pantone color choices. The duration of this process varies according to the order quantity.

Hundreds of unique and trendiest Socks Design artworks will be started to sale very soon. So don't miss to create a account to be informed!

Socks Sample Production

Our sample production room consists of separate department. The socks machines we use in socks production have a wide range with the number of needles, yarn types and colors. We take very fast action with our experienced team for your collection to produce samples of your socks orders.

Socks Production

We manufacture socks for your brand by adhering to the requested delivery times and quality with 60 pieces of Italian made Full Electronic, toe closing socks machines.

Sock cylinders with number of 84, 96, 108, 120, 132, 144, 156, 168, 200 and 400 needles, which we use continuously in socks production, are available in various quantities and needle thicknesses. We can increase the capacity by changing the number of spare needles according to the order capacity.

Types of socks we manufacture: 

Plain Socks, Multicolored Socks, Terry Socks, Regional Technical Terry Socks, Running Socks, Cycling Socks, Compression Socks, No-Show Socks, Low Ankle Socks, Ankle Socks, Tennis Socks, Diabetic Socks, Knee Socks, Over the Knee High Socks, Tights and Medical Varicose Stockings.

Our yarn types used in socks production:
NE 6/1, NE 10/1, NE 16/1, NE 20/1, NE 28/1 NE 30/1, NE 36/1, NE 40/1 NE 50/1 NE 60/1 yarn thicknesses. We take it into production by bending according to the demand.

Yarn materials we use in production:
Recycling Cotton Yarn, Carded Cotton Yarn, Combed Cotton Yarn, Compact Cotton Yarn, Organic Cotton Yarn, Giza Mercerized Cotton Yarn, Bamboo Yarn, Modal Yarn, Polyviscose Yarn, Viscose Yarn, Wool Yarn, Coolmax Yarn, Polyester Yarn, NY6 and NY66 Polyamide Yarn, we dye them in the colors you requested and take it into production.

We produce socks in the sizes and colors you want according to your order.

We produce socks with quality yarns suitable for printing so that you can make the socks printing process flawlessly.

We carry out the Washing, Ironing and Packaging procedures in line with your demands.


We supply your socks labeling, packaging and box works together with our business partners in Turkey at the most affordable prices in the quality and quantities you have determined.

The monthly production capacity of our factory as Men's, Women's, Children's, Sports and Compression socks is 450.000 pairs with single cylinder and double cylinder. It could be increased up to 1.000.000 pairs with our subcontractors if needed.

Our minimum production quantity is 600 pairs Model/Color/Size. The reason of these amounts are low is for you to easily try the sales of your new styles.

Quality control after production is meticulously done by us and we make it ready for delivery. If there is a quality control company that you have contracted with, we are able manage the processes in the line with 3rd company. Our Socks Production Facility produces according to your requests and we look forward to your valuable orders. 

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