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We offer professional service in the production of Invisible Socks (No-Show Socks),

Usually the problems of Invisible Socks are falling off the heel and not covering the foot well. We supply Invisible Socks which we have developed with 10 years of experience and special techniques in socks production for your brand, designs and special packaging.

There are two types of Invisible Socks;

1. Ghost Socks


2.Sneaker Socks 

    Both types of Invisible Socks have their own innovative features.

    While Ghost Socks is preferred for loafers and ballet flats, Sneaker Socks is preferred with training shoes. In both types there should be a Silicone Grip on the heels to prevent slipping.

    Invisible Socks (No-Show Socks) are produced by Bamboo, Modal, Mercerized, Combed / Carded Cotton and Recycled yarns.


    Although the number of needles used in the machines varies as 144, 156, 168 and 200; these needle numbers also determine the quality of the fabric surface of the Invisible Socks.

    You may produce your designs/styles;

  • With the any number of needles you want (144, 156, 168 and 200)

  • With the available colors chosen from color chart provided.

  • With MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) is 600 pairs per style/size/color.


    MOQ is set so that you can find the best selling product for your online sales in terms of sustainability although it is actually quite a low quantity for socks production.


    Please do not hesitate to contact with us if you would like to have Invisible Socks (No-Show Socks) made in Turkey.


    Our Production Capacity for Invisible Socks (No-Show Socks) is 150.000 Pairs per Month.

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