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We offer professional service in the production of funny socks, which have become a trend and high demand in recent years.
We produce according to the Funny Socks patterns we designed or the patterns you design based on trend colors.

The colors may match your outfit, but the novelty design can possibly be the highlight of your outfit.

Eğlenceli Çoraplar

One of the most sensitive issues in the production of Funny Socks are that the patterns in the knitting should be clear, the rubber parts should not compress the wrists and the body sizes are fully compatible.

We can produce various models as Sport Funny Socks, Compression Funny Socks, No-Show Funny Socks, Low Ankle Funny Socks, Crew Funny Sock, Knee High Funny Socks.

Our yarn types used in Funny Socks Manufacture:
NE 20/1, NE 28/1 NE 30/1, NE 36/1, NE 40/1 NE 50/1 NE 60/1 yarn thicknesses, we take it into production by bending according to the demand.

Image by Gabrielle Henderson

Yarn materials we use in production;
Recycling Cotton Yarn, Carded Cotton Yarn, Combed Cotton Yarn, Compact Cotton Yarn, Organic Cotton Yarn, Giza Mercerized Cotton Yarn, Bamboo Yarn, Modal Yarn, Polyviscose Yarn, Viscose Yarn, Wool Yarn, Coolmax Yarn, Polyester Yarn, NY6 and NY66 Polyamide As Yarn, we produce funny socks by dyeing in the colors you request.

Our minimum production quantity is 600 pairs Model/Color/Size. The reason of these amounts are low is for you to easily try the sales of your new styles.

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